Most Reverend John Walter Yanta
25th Anniversary of Episcopal Consecration

On December 30, 2019, The Feast of the Holy Family, Most Reverend John Walter Yanta (born October 2, 1931, in Runge, Texas), a retired Roman Catholic bishop who served the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo in Amarillo, Texas, celebrated his 25th Anniversary of Episcopal Consecration.


He was ordained priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Antonio on March 17, 1956 and was consecrated bishop on December 30, 1994, serving as an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of San Antonio.


On January 21, 1997, he was named bishop for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo, and became the bishop of that diocese on March 17, 1997. He retired on January 3, 2008. Upon his retirement from the Diocese of Amarillo, Bishop Yanta moved to San Antonio, Texas.


Bishop Yanta has been an opponent of legal abortion in the United States, making many personal sacrifices to this cause over the years. He has been a strong supporter of Catholic schools. In 2006, he won the Cardinal von Galen Award for courageous pro-life leadership by leading pro-life demonstrations, requesting that anyone affiliated with Planned Parenthood resign their positions, even going so far as to offer to help them find other employment.


Bishop Yanta was also recognized in 2005 by the Catholic Television of San Antonio (CTSA) as one of the founders and the first executive director of Catholic Television of San Antonio. “It is fitting that we honor Bishop Yanta, who was one of the first individuals in the San Antonio Archdiocese to recognize the value of the television medium as a tool to share God’s word in this community,” said Mary Ullmann Japhet, chairperson of the CTSA Board of Directors. “On a personal level, Bishop Yanta has been an inspiration to me, and I am grateful for his leadership.”


Bishop John Walter Yanta has been a wonderful supporter of Polonia in the United States and abroad. As a founding member of the PAPA – Polish American Priests Association he has been an outspoken promoter of Polish culture, traditions and values.


All members of PAPA congratulate their founding father on his 25th Anniversary of Episcopal Consecration and wish him many God’s blessings in his personal and professional life. Thank you Bishop Yanta for the many years of your faithful service!

Reverend Father Dariusz Gościniak
Receives Officer’s Merit Cross of the Republic of Poland

Bishop Emeritus John W. Yanta Receives Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland